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Olivia Prado: Obstinate Over Obedient

Obstinate Over Obedient

Olivia Prado


The work was inspired by an article I read that described Mexican farm workers as taciturn, docile, and temporary. I wanted to create something that not only brought visibility to an overlooked community right here in Michigan, but that would also contest the language used around this group of people. The work consists of a repeat pattern screen printed on garment pieces. The pattern includes imagery and language that challenges ideas people have around Mexican farm workers. Many of these images are of my family, who have themselves spent years as migrant workers. This work was important for me to create at the time because not only did it bring attention to people I care about, but it also opened up the door for me to create work about my own life and experience in this community of farm workers. I also thought it was important to photograph the work in two different settings. First, the field setting where I spent most of my youth. Second, a place here at Michigan to highlight the privilege of my own education and the uniqueness of my own and my family’s story on campus.

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