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The Great Lakes

Rachel Heibel

I created five large water vessels, roughly proportional in height to the square mileage of the Great Lakes. These sculptures are inspired by Native American water vessels, a nod to the first people to interact with the lakes. The vessels are intended to be large, beautiful, and seemingly perfect at a glance. They are abstracted from rock formations, particularly in Lake Superior, that have resonated with me. These formations were created from erosion, and although they are beautiful, erosion is becoming an increasingly serious issue. My goal is to start a conversation about climate change and how it is causing water levels to rise, which jeopardizes lake shore towns. The contours of my vessels are connecting in a way that mirrors how all five lakes are interconnected. This is to say that anything we do to one lake will affect the others as well. The Great Lakes make up about 20% of our world's fresh water and it is our job to protect this essential resource.

Artist Statement Video: