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Realistic rendering of two figures walking down New York streets


Sydney Verlinde

This is a piece I hold very close to my heart. The figures in the image are my step-sister (Molly) and her dad (Dan) walking down the streets of New York City. Molly and I had always dreamed of visiting the city, so my mom and Dan took us during Spring Break of 2019. I chose to recreate this image not only because it displays an exceptional figure-ground relationship, but also because I wanted to document this wonderful memory. Whenever my family travels anywhere, Dan can be seen leading the pack with his hands folded behind his back, like so. I made sure to capture St. Patrick's Cathedral as Dan is a dedicated Catholic who insisted we stop there. Starbucks is Molly's favorite place to get coffee, so it's fitting this was in the shot as well. Although she now has 4 step-siblings, Molly was an only child for the first half of her life, so she looks up to her dad in a way that I've never seen. My goal was to capture their unique but very special relationship. The blue gradient was purely an experimental decision, but I thought it would aid the depth and perspective.

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