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Clay forms winding on the walls of the studio move across the space and onto the floor. On the floor are small shelves made of clay. On the floor are many small pieces that were created as a time project. My aim was to make in clay and seek to know God more. My studio practice became a space for prayer. This project was an exploration of my faith as a Christian, investigating how I could know God more through clay.

hands channel faith: a collection of daily prayer

Natalie Bultman


I started this project seeking the Divine through making in clay. To me, more than a symbol or a ritual, knowing and following Christ has been characterized by life-giving heart transformation. I asked myself: What if rituals feel empty to some because they don’t know God personally? What if I tried starting from the place of trusting in the salvation from sin that Christ offers-–then could a daily ritual of making in clay lead me closer to God? I discovered daily time in clay could create a space for prayer.

Pressing and forming in clay, my hands intuitively moved. A daily time project evolved: Make in clay and seek to know Christ more. This led me to forms that are small, intimate, and detailed. The fingerprints mark the forms, holding memory and capturing my prayer in remnant form. The small forms have different shapes and glazes because each day I investigated a variety of words like unconditional forgiveness, heavy doubt, searching faith, and overwhelming joy. Through the daily time, I began to see the importance of the larger growth happening in my life. I created the winding forms that capture the journey of my faith being refined over time.

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