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Taylor Henegar: Fake It 'til you Make It

Fake It 'til you Make It

Taylor Henegar

Fake It ‘til you Make It, 2023 Music Video Taylor Henegar “You are a woman with a man inside watching a woman.” (Margaret Atwood, The Robber Bride, 1993). Femininity is and always has been a fluid concept, yet it seems as though feminine people are seldom the ones in control of the standard. Why should we have to force ourselves into categories and stereotypes to feel like we belong in society? Fake It ‘til you Make It displays how femininity and gender are equivalent to playing a character. Margaret Atwood tells us that we, as feminine people, are our own voyeurs. Does becoming aware of that change the way you think about expressing femininity? I am a multimedia artist from Michigan who explores music and choreography through video, music, animation, and visual communications. From production to costume/makeup design to storyboarding and even playing the bass in the actual song, I’ve designed every aspect of Fake It ‘til you Make It. I often tend to work wherever random, fleeting sparks of inspiration take me, but Fake It was my way of exploring what it really means to self-produce.

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