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A wooden table and chair with laminated curved legs, staged on a pallet floor in a plywood room with three walls opposing the viewer

Studio 05D

Gabriel Consiglio

At the beginning of the Integrative Project, each student is provided with a cubicle of studio space, furnished with a simple folding table and a Herman Miller ‘Caper’ stacking desk chair. “Studio 05D” reimagines these objects in new media, as the finale of a year-long project takes the form of its beginning. Angular metal forms are translated into elegant curves laminated in hardwood, and structural materials are laid bare in recognition of departures from the originals. This new furniture and its installation playfully call back to the context within which they were created. Here there exist no new forms, yet everything has been made completely anew. In this room built within a room, an echo of the studios you now find yourself walking through, the mundane is transformed into something monumental. Ash wood, oriented strand board, poplar detailing.

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