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Figure floating midair, clenching a heart with ribbons of light protruding outwards.

Falling Awake: an Episodic Exploration of Neurodivergence and Comfort

Emily Tamulewicz

Through my project, I look to traverse the complicated relationship between reality and fiction in my own neurodivergent mind; using my Guiding Questions, I create my digital illustrations through a process of verbal discussion and selection of “key phrases”. Then, those illustrations will be used to create the final iteration of a series of 5 woodblock prints. I would like this work to allow a neurotypical introspection into some of the hardest difficulties in my life, iterated as fragments of narrative that are inspired by anime and other fictions that I found comfort in throughout my life. By communicating my anguish in the world as an autistic person, I can inspire change in the ways that our society is harmful to neurodivergent and disabled individuals.

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