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Cover of my magazine titled, Chivalry: Dead or Just Sleeping

Is Chivalry Dead? Or is it Just Sleeping?

Leigh Cohen

A project dedicated to the hopeless romantics of modern-day romance. For as long as I can remember, I’ve attributed my perception of romance to the aestheticized glamor and chivalry of the 1950s, when romance was met with heroism and irresistibility. Admittedly, I’ve always wanted to have that happily ever after and to be the cherished heroine. Through photography and editorial design, I use 1950s aesthetics and film culture to redefine chivalry, a dated concept established during a period of history defined by chauvinism and inequity. Chivalry: Dead or Just Sleeping is the intersection of a satirical magazine and art book that includes a series of photographs representing perceptions of romance that attempt to expand our perspective of the term chivalry in our modern society. The text and photography expose the ways that technology and other modern advancements have influenced the way we seek and sustain romance in unprecedented ways. I invite the viewer to reconsider what chivalry means in our modern world and encourage you to act with greater thoughtfulness and respect in order to bring chivalry back from the dead.

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