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A corner view of the exhibition space with the book Detroit Is.. propped on a pedestal atop a black runner cloth. The right wall shows a simplified map of my childhood neighborhood in black and red, and the left wall reads "Detroit is... a complicated city to love, an easy city love, and not an easy city to love."

Detroit is...

Jaleah Green

This handmade artist book invites an intimate commentary on the complicated relationships and connections between people, place, and space through the lens of my own experience growing up in the city of Detroit. Coming from a misunderstood place like Detroit, I am affected by the negative media portrayals that plague my city, along with the socio-economic challenges that interweave with the history of the city itself. "Detroit is…" sheds light on how these factors influenced my family’s long-lasting connection to Detroit. I focus closely on locations and the environments where I lived and went to school in an attempt to reconcile how they shaped my perceptions of the city. Before entering spaces, we have preconceived notions, but once immersed they give way to the reality of our experiences. In hindsight, there is a level of clarity that results from distance and time that allows me to reflect and focus on the feelings and emotions related to that place rather than the finite details or actions. This book should give viewers a holistic view of my life in relation to Detroit as they consider why and how their own experiences with places shape their lives.

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