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The black & white image shows a faceless blurred man, looking for a sense of belonging.


William Mizer

I use transparent film and lighting to investigate the complex layers of masks and identities we use to protect ourselves from being hurt. Using these layers, I explore the disconnect between inner voice and the various personas we all present to the world. As children, we don't realize how traumatic experiences affect us, nor are we taught how to communicate and heal from them. Little wounds become invisible scars, affecting us in monumental ways. Hidden behind a mask. My work reflects my journey towards healing and self-acceptance. Through my art, I seek to embrace vulnerability and honor the full spectrum of emotion, especially when I feel most threatened or exposed. By shedding light on these layers, I hope to encourage others to let down their guards, to peel back their own layers of defense to reveal their truest selves. By celebrating our inner-uniqueness and embracing our vulnerabilities, we can find strength and resilience in the face of adversity. We are not broken, and it is through our scars that we find beauty, authenticity, and the capacity to love.

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