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CNNplusplus, 2006, interactive news broadcast

Heidi Kumao

Custom hardware and software, cable news broadcast, television monitor, laptop, internet connection.
CNNplusplus provides a means for TV viewers to modify the display of a live CNN news broadcast. The automated CNNplusplus software program tracks the frequency of words used by the newscaster and lists the current top 100 words, a collection of terms that gives penetrating insight to the day’s events. When any of these words is spoken on-air, an image of the viewer’s choice is immediately sourced from the internet and displayed beside the newscaster. Viewers can also type in their own fake-news headlines (at to scroll across the bottom of the screen. This allows viewers to customize the world news to their liking and to express opinions to other viewers in the room. Incisive image choices and witty headlines composed by viewers spawn an ardent and entertaining forum for anonymous self-expression. By preserving the appearance and sound of a normal broadcast CNNplusplus creates a subtle and playful experience for the viewers.