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Stephanie Tharp: PUZZLE TRAY


Stephanie Tharp

Wine Tray with removable coasters

Reflecting the Chinese and British heritage of Newton Vineyard's founders, the tray's basic shape is a golden rectangle–a traditional Western conception of harmony and proportion. The asymmetrical, intersecting lines on the tray's top is based upon an historic Asian motif, which creates negative spaces that mirror the division of Newton's properties into vineyard blocks, on which different varietals are grown and harvested. The “terraced” edges of the coasters/trays, evoke the slopes of Spring Mountain and its unique terracing that conserves water and retains natural soil nutrients. A “hidden cave,” a recess beneath a coaster/tray that extends into the tray's leg, holds a corkscrew and references the Chardonnay cellar built into Spring Mountain to conserve energy and harness the earth's natural temperature regulation. The coasters/trays can be removed from the tray, reminiscent of a puzzle, and a nod to Newton Vineyard's icon wine, “The Puzzle,” which is created by blending the best grapes of the season's five-varietal harvest. Client: Moet Hennessy