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white wooden rectangle frame surrounds white vinyl sewn into a topographical map of a female identifying body with white thread.

Terra Incognita

Krista Sheneman

Cotton thread, vinyl, headboard liner, wood, USGIS created topographical map of artist's body


As a sculptor, I use interdisciplinary and nontraditional methods to collect and document various traces of my existence in time. Much of my work addresses being a disabled female artist. I explore this theme using concepts involving collection, health, memory, and labor. Understanding and documentation of one’s body is not a new quest. The body is something we have from birth to death and often the most accessible and willing subject. Understanding my own body allows me to better understand other facets of identity like gender, sexuality, race, and ethnicity. Within this space of body and understanding, I aim to use my creative practice and research to capture the ephemeral parts of living. In doing this labor, I am asking the viewer to see the work as a performance relic of the mundane. The small things we do as humans to stay alive and invested within society. I am interested in how physical labor can represent the experience of time and struggle that the body endures, how art can reveal time we don’t notice passing within our bodies and understanding the body better through metaphors and theory. Terra Incognita is a topographical exploration of my body using geographical systems.

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