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A giant boulder-like form, about 8x8 feet, hanging from the ceiling. It is colored and textured in an exaggerated way - appearing rock-like, but not at all a real earthly rock. It hangs at about 8 feet above the ground, so you can stand under it. It appears to be breathing - slowly shrinking and growing, repeatedly.


Sujay Saple

PVC, paper, foam sealant, electric pump, galvanized steel wire; 96 x 96 inches, 2023


Linger is a sentient, hyperbolized landform which slowly ‘breathes’ in the gallery space. Viewers are invited to move around, sit, walk or lie down under it. The sculpture expands and contracts in cycles, animating what is otherwise considered unmoving.

The work explores the imagined materiality and weight of land itself, suggesting fictional territories – be they interior landscapes or undiscovered continents. Encouraging the viewer to share an intimate moment with a body that may or may not be alive, Linger seeks to elicit the tensions and nuances between the various relations that humans have or build with land.

The piece is part of an ongoing exploration which interweaves the abstraction of organic and biomorphic formations with the alchemy and interactivity of materials in immersive environments, in order to performatize, problematize, and politicize the viewer’s role.

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