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I included the original images of the sculptures in the additional images section. I would also like to display these alongside the original poster. Each one is only a foot tall.

Supply Chain Issues

Emery Swirbalus

sculpture, digital, photoshop

Back in February of 2022 I was asked to create a tour poster for Jack White's upcoming Supply Chain Issues tour off his album Fear of the Dawn. I was presented with concept art and mood boards for the album and told that Jack works only in blue, then sent on my way. When I found these Grecian bust planters at a craft store, I knew they would be perfect as a centerpiece for my poster. Their elegance perfectly contrasted the metal detailing I like to put on my sculptures. The outcome was a set of two busts that actually sat in Third Man Records during the release party for Jack's album. For the poster itself I layered one of the busts over itself many times to form a background for the other to sit in front of. The Third Man Records team helped me out with typography, and thus was born my poster for the Supply Chain Issues tour.