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A comic strip shows a classroom full of high schoolers in uniforms taking a test, walking out of a gothic style building to find a boy with buzzed hair and black clothing and a motorcycle parked out front.

Catholic Boy[s]

Sutton Theodore

Digital Comic

This narrative gives a quick glimpse into the uncanny story of my two most cherished characters: Gabriel - your typical high-achieving student and athlete at St. Joseph's Academy for Boys - reassesses the disheartening responses he has scribbled onto his English test, and longs to hear the sweet shrills of the school bell which sanction the start of the revered weekend. Sitting behind him, a smart-ass middle schooler who managed to place into grade twelve Shakespeare, inquires Gabe about his best friend Xander, an infamous former student of the academy. Xander embodies the very opposite of the upstanding young men St. Joseph aims to mold its students into: He's an intolerable, chain-smoking pyromaniac who's favorite pastimes manifest classic adolescent angst and recklessness. Although Xander leaves a sour taste in the mouth of the academy, as well as Gabe's friends and family, that doesn't dissuade the two from seeing each other. Every Friday, Xander pulls up in front of the school riding his prized motorcycle, and takes Gabe away from his upper-class bubble into the heart of the city, where the boys find themselves reveling in their respective counter-cultures and exploring the dynamics of their unprecedented relationship.