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This painting is 24in. x 24in. and appears to be a collage of semi-transparent images. There are what appear to be windows in the background and the image of the side of a house. The background is mostly soft blue and purple. The rest of the painting is primarily neon pink and red. There's a white line that extends from the top right corner and creates a shape that is suggestive of a heart. Below that, to the bottom left, there is the suggestion of smiling faces. The figures are primarily blue and purple. Throughout the painting there are smaller shapes and details that are more hidden amongst the chaos but add depth and texture to the piece as a whole.

Between Friends

Caitlin Martens

Oil on Canvas

“Between Friends” is an ode to platonic love. It's one part of a larger series of paintings celebrating the people we fiercely love, trust, and protect without any romantic strings attached. Now, call a friend and tell them you love ‘em!