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This image is a portrait of the artist from about the shoulders up. She is placed centrally on a background of a light blue floral pattern. She wears a sweater which is pink and her face/skin is made up of green, a plate yellow, and a blend of pink. She looks at the viewer with her face gently resting upon her hand.

In Her Blue Room

Daphne Wilson

Woodblock in oil on paper

This is a three-plate laser engraved woodblock self portrait. This self portrait reflects on my childhood, and the sadness in the nostalgic memories of my younger self and the ways she had to grow up. It focuses specifically on my relationship to my mother. The image was taken in my mom’s former bedroom, and I chose patterns that remind me of her, my childhood belongings, and her room to be incorporated into the composition. The colors are those associated with my mom and also with my youth.