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A collection of four different ceramic sculptures depicting human feet with varying skin tones and varying toenail colors. The feet have been manipulated in shape to create different forms/vessels for holding or displaying items. One of the foot vessels is holding six smaller ceramic feet.

Carry Me

Ellie Behm

Ceramic Sculpture

These four ceramic pieces were formed with a handmade plaster mold and then altered to contain a different "vessel" on each one. The title, “Carry Me,” speaks to not only the physical utility of the pieces but also the burden placed on women to carry emotional weight or other pressures that tend to go unseen. Each piece is meant to carry or hold things similarly to how our feet carry and hold our bodies and our stories. Although all pulled from the same mold, the pieces have many differences just as we humans do. There are surreal shapes and extra feet added as well as different skin tones and different toe nail colors. These differences allude to the distinct hypothetical bodies and personalities that these feet would be attached to.