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This a portrait of a girl surrounded by the undulating waves. The girl is looking at the red sun in the distance, the koi print on her face leap towards the light. The work  is mainly covered in the green and blue color pallet of the waves, yet the sun and koi print are in visually striking red.


Siyu Zhong

watercolor, pencil.

Koi, commonly seen as the symbol of peace and good luck in Chinese culture, was usually kept for decorative purposes in koi ponds or water gardens. In my artwork, the koi is leaping out of the undulating waves, towards the sun. There is an old saying in Chinese that once a koi leaped over the gate of heaven, it will become a dragon. The koi in my artwork represents courage. The calm and determined look on the girl's face challenges the definition of tradition, striving towards infinite possibilities behind the waves.