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The piece is rectangular, it exhibits a large central shape that radiates from the center. The shape is made up of rounded edges and organic shapes. It is composed of grayscale collage images, laid out in strips. It is near symmetrical in appearance and cut, while the coloring of the collaged images slightly varies. The shape is highlighted by an absolute black background. At its center are two light colored circles, the brighter and smaller of which is positioned on top of the other.


Thaddeus MacKrell


To look past the mirror was my intention. Creating a self portrait that accurately reflects what I am, not what I appear to be. I took inspiration from the Rorschach-style test, where subjects' perceptions of a symmetrical inkblot are examined using physiological interpretation. The piece, and the emotions it exhibits, differ for every observer, just as I am seen differently by everyone I meet. I have and will continue to attempt to master my own perception, however the creation before you serves as a reminder that I am unable to. It appears balanced, though it is not. I attempt to be balanced, though I cannot. Ultimately, the work is about surrendering to that which I am unable to control and embracing surrender as a means to change.