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The image shows a graphite drawing of a Smilodon skeleton, otherwise know as a saber-toothed cat. Rendered completely in black and white, this piece showcases the anatomical aspects of the specimen’s skeleton, giving the piece the eeriness that would accompany an encounter with a predator of this magnitude.


Ella Summerhill

Graphite Pencil Drawing

This drawing was done as a still life of the Smilodon skeleton displayed in the Evolution: Life Through Time exhibit at the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History. As an assignment for my Drawing: Observation class, I was given the task of choosing an object in the museum to act as the focus of my piece. I chose the Smilodon skeleton because of the detail showcased on the bones. I wanted to work on rendering detail in my work, as this is a big part of my process as a pencil-focused artist. The lighting shown on the bones also allowed me to focus on how I execute transitions with value. I believe the monochrome quality of the piece gives it an eeriness appropriate for a predator of this magnitude. Overall, I am very pleased with this piece and consider it to be one of my favorite pieces out of everything I have completed so far here at Stamps. It combines my love for both art and science, and thus I feel that it is a significant representation of who I am as an artist, as well as the work that I wish to continue pursuing.