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Thin strings of rolled napkins spiral across a sheet of paper creating a tapestry like effect. The thin strings are two varying shades of white. The two shades alternate in bands that roll and curve in a linear fashion across the paper. Circles and blobs of one shade disturb the flow of the other. The work is gentle yet filled with movement like a slow brook babbling over sticks and rocks.


Sabrina Kliza

Napkins glued on paper

Carrying a week's worth of trash with you sounds like a typical, outlandish, environmental studies assignment, but the assignment did its purpose. It made me aware of how much trash I produce and how much stuff goes to waste. I am grateful for it because when the University of Michigan kicked my roommates and I out of our dorm during the Fall 2020 semester, we stared at the stockpile of napkins we received from the dining hall and wondered how many ribs we would have to eat to use them all. But then I got an idea to use them in my work. That's how my napkin art started. From there, I found that rolling the napkins relieved the growing stress and anxiety covid brought and quickly became a way that I could gain control when the world seemed to be spiraling out of control. “Spiraling” combines my love for the environment and sustainability with the grit of making it through difficult times through unconventional methods.