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Foliage covered trees decorating the width and background of the page along with the forest’s bushes almost hugging the stumps. Large stones sitting in the field, only touched by the overgrown grass. The leaves of the trees, grass and bushes occupying the piece’s corners. Additionally the blue sky in the back, so far due to the forest’s overgrowth

What If We Wandered The Forest?

Laila Burke-Graves

NICKER Poster Paint on Watercolor Paper

My work emulates the unconventional tactics artist Kazuo Oga utilizes to capture the beauty of nature; more notably in Studio Ghibli’s animated films. Ever since I began immersing myself in the field of storyboarding and concept art, attempting to break down what makes animated films so touching, I found myself at awe with Ghibli’s traditional approach to backgrounds - painting each scene hand by hand, limiting the amount of digital art in their media. Although a painting, I invite viewers to imagine themselves standing in this fancied forest, feeling the sun trickling through the leaves, smell the grass and pollen, and take in the awarding beauty of nature.