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Ceramic vessel painting with underglaze incorporating Arabesque patterns


Yasmine Safadi


This is a piece done in intro to ceramics. It is a historical piece incorporating traditional Islamic art as well as modern designs. I chose symbols personal to me and my culture as a Syrian-American artist. This work is done to draw awareness to the crisis that the Middle East specifically Syria faces. Syrians see war, famine, destruction, etc. However, there is a deep and beautiful history in the country. I chose to represent the beauty and the history the country has by incorporating elements that I know and have seen. This includes patterns of Arabesque, vibrant colors, and Islamic words from the Quran. This piece was also made to combat the racism that Arabs and Muslims experience. The phrases are words from the Quran, however, lots of these phrases have been twisted to insight fear in others. Showing that these words have a real and important cultural meaning brings power back into these words. The beauty of the country will not be forgotten and while the history can never be completely rebuilt it will live on in our memory and our hearts.