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Person wearing a black hoodie, embroidered with overlapping blind-contour drawings, all in multiple bright colors.


LaNaysha Simms

Embroidery on Fabric (Sweatshirt)

“Faces” is textile-based piece that was an exploration of blind-contour drawing and a further exploration of my knowledge of embroidery and how it changes a piece of fabric. Starting with drawing 40 faces of friends, for 5 minutes a day, for 40 consecutive days, I transferred those drawings into an overlapping pattern that created a textile design of faces. The experience of seeing people's (my friends) emotional reactions to their drawings being transcribed into colorful embroidery is what makes “Faces” such a joyful work/experience of art. The intersection of the faces is representative of the intersection of all of the different personalities I interacted with while creating this project, and how, in general, society is a blend of all of the different personalities, and faces that exist.