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AMA Constructing Memory - Interactive Art Book

Emilia Yang

Interactive Media


Based on the experiences of state violence against popular anti-government uprisings in Nicaragua in 2018, “AMA y No Olvida”, Museum of Memory against Impunity, documents memories of human rights violations from the voices of the families of the victims organized in the Association Mothers of April (AMA). The investigation process of this project was carried out under repression, with a participatory and human rights approach, with the aim of dignifying the victims who have been denied justice and as a way to challenge the climate of impunity that the scheme wants to install.

The museum consists of a web archive containing more than 200 video testimonies, photographic archives of the victims, 3D memory artifacts, and hand-drawn maps translated into geographic information maps (GIS) that geo-locate the narratives of the murder of 100 victims, as well as a traveling transmedia exhibition and an Interactive Book with Augmented Reality.

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