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14 trasparent acrylic sheets are hanging from a support structure using transparent fishing line. The sheets are hanging close to each other in a disorganized way. Each sheet has a calendar grid engraved on them with different modifications. Some calendars are shortened to have missing days, some have weeks cut out, some are stretched to appear longer, and some are warped so the lines of the grid in the calendar are waving. The sheets are of various sizes, the smallest 20 inches tall and the largest is 48 inches tall. Four of sheets are bent in a wavy and non-uniform pattern.

Time Distortions

Naomi Shand

Acrylic Sheets, 2022


Time since Covid has been weird. Although I can objectively tell it’s moving, it feels like it’s been frozen in 2020. Time is weird like that. It’s the objective truth that time is moving sequentially forward at a consistent rate, yet it rarely feels like it does. That disconnect exists because of how our brains process time. It’s built from a collage of short-term and long-term memories mixed with the knowledge of the present moment. This collage is susceptible to change by our emotions and our environment. 5 minutes of boredom feels like ages at first and then is forgotten when looking back. Everybody experiences time in their own distorted way.
Time felt especially distorted during the lockdowns when my daily reference points were taken away. I’ve felt a great disconnect between the time that was passing and my experience of it. Seeing time advance without feeling its passing was quite distressing and that’s what led me to do this project. I decided to explore that disconnect using sequential time-keeping devices like calendars and modifying them to what my experience of that represented time felt like.