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This image contains a series of brightly colored ceramic pieces that are sculptural furniture.

Sunshine Mountain

Rachel Heibel



Sunshine Mountain is a series of ceramic pieces that live in between the physical boundaries of utilitarian objects and sculpture, intended to evoke childhood memories and feelings of nostalgia. “Climbing Up Sunshine Mountain,” is a song that my dad often sang to my siblings and I when we were kids. As I grew older, I began to wonder what existed at the top of sunshine mountain. Overtime, I pictured it to be this place of stillness where my head is free of to-do lists and existential questions. Working in ceramics has allowed me the catharsis I imagined one would experience at the top of sunshine mountain. The tactical interactions I have with hand building clay forms is the root of comfort and merriment found within my ceramics process. I strive to actualise the connection I sense between my creative ecosystem and the natural ecosystem, where the multifolds of clay and multitudes of mountains collide.

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