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Oversaturation (condition)

Jonathan Walsh

Mixed Digital Media, 2022


Oversaturation (condition) expresses the artist’s passion for and obsession with digital media. Combining late 20th-century televisions with contemporary layered video compositions, this installation aims to provide a sense of nostalgia while mimicking the overwhelmingly immersive, yet completely detached daily experience of today’s youth.

Included in the installation are four video pieces that reflect Generation Z’s addiction to technology. From music videos and 3D animations to scrolling poetry and found footage, this range of media attempts to create stronger connections between members of the youngest generation. The videos depict themes of growing up in the 21st-century through terms for complicated emotions and psychological disorders to allow for greater discussion surrounding mental health. The artist asks viewers to weave their attention through and around various sounds and displays to follow along with his process to better comprehend these terms.

Jonathan Walsh is a graphical artist who expresses himself and his worldview through digital forms. With an interest in visualizing and explaining his encounters with mental disorders, the artist pulls from academic sources as well as first-hand experiences.

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