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Help Me, I'm Thinking

Madisyn Hicks

Interactive Installation, Animation, 2022


Help Me, I’m Thinking is an interactive installation that prompts the viewer to step into the mind of someone with anxiety and help them make everyday choices. The animation illustrates how someone with anxiety perceives their reality as their thoughts become more irrational. The viewer can choose how they respond in various everyday scenarios, such as scratching an itch or driving home, but they will quickly realize how difficult it can be when all of your options become irrational fears. The viewer may use the mouse to move the cursor over their choice and then left click to select it.

The frame-by-frame animation style replicates the repetitive nature of anxious thought cycles, as well as mimics physical symptoms people with anxiety often experience, like fidgeting, bouncing, or shaking. The color palette and movements become more intense in anxious situations and fluctuate according to the viewer's choices. The audio shows how difficult it can become to think rationally when there are constant, looping, negative thoughts in your head. Anxiety is the most commonly diagnosed mental illness in the U.S., so let's speak up about symptoms, and don't be afraid to ask for help.

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