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Myles Hoenes

Short Film, 2022


10:17am began as a video project for me to express the isolation and loneliness I felt during quarantine. The project was full of long wide shots of scenic Ann Arbor contrasting the dense claustrophobic isolation I felt in my box of a room.

It was never meant to be though.

At 10:17am everything changed and over the last 4 months the project has become something completely different. It has become a way for me to express my grief, my frustration, my pain, and my sadness. To document, on video, what I saw and what I felt.

What we went through is not an isolated incident. There are millions of families like mine and every day thousands more.

-Myles Michael “Mike” Hoenes

Myles Hoenes is a graphic design senior at the STAMPS School of art and design from Battle Creek Michigan. While Myles’s main medium is digital graphics, theater has always been close to his heart. This is his first attempt at a short film project and he hopes you enjoy it as much as he hated making it.