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Michael Singer

Animation, 2022


My work is an expression of my experiences with interpersonal divides. I’ve found that I have distanced myself from friends and family, who, in my eyes, hold viewpoints or beliefs incompatible with my own. I reduce conversations to small talk and avoid them frequently. I build up a mental shell of who these people are using my shallow understanding of their opinions. But those opinions are often rooted in a messy web of influences. I want to break down those mental shells, and speak to those who share my circumstances. And my way of doing that is through visually impactful animation.

While my methodology changes from project to project, my desired result often remains the same. With D/V/DE, I establish a basic understanding of what my work is about through simple shape and color- in this case, red and blue to represent the two major US parties- then break down that comfort with an overwhelming style shift. The buildup of visual intensity is further heightened by an equally intense selection of music. It serves as a metronome that lays out where the most impactful parts should be. I push these elements to be as chaotic yet coherent as possible to best reflect the similarly messy subjects I center my work around.