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McKenzie Campbell



In my project 48234, I allow themes of identity and culture to influence my 3D-rendered streetwear fashion show. Both the clothing and environments were inspired by various elements from my past while living in the 48234 area code in Detroit, Michigan. The city introduced characteristics of flashiness, grittiness, and boldness to my style of design, which I used in conjunction with experiences from my childhood home. Streetwear designed in a 3D space has allowed home videos to become wearables, clothing to include lighting, and costume elements to blend memory, nostalgia, and my love for streetwear into my childhood neighborhood.

Fashion has always been an integral part of my young life. It continues to be my outlet for self-expression, allowing my interactions with clothing to represent different parts of who I am. It’s important for me to make visually interesting graphic work while designing and creating clothing in both tangible and intangible forms.

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