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an image of a blue room with a paper sculpture taking up all 3 walls.

Come Nest; Come Rest

Breanna Boersma

Egg Cartons and Mixed Media, 2022

Come Nest; Come Rest is a project resulting in an installation constructed entirely of egg cartons. Working with this material is also my "Egg Carton Era." To understand this making period, you have to know about the egg. An egg starts with predestination to become life. When the egg meets the egg carton, it must consider that it will not become a chicken. The egg carton's purpose is to protect the egg through its journey to its new ambition. Over the past two years, I have felt as fragile as an egg. The Covid-19 pandemic changed my anticipated destiny. Ultimately, this environment is in response to the unprecedented times behind and ahead of us. This work is grounded in creating a liminal creative space between the anxious physical world and the mundanity of our virtual existence. Working intuitively, I have helped this project grow to resemble coral and eukaryotic organisms. I like to think it resembles how we interconnect naturally with others in our community to thrive. This installation is a pocket space made to protect us and each other as we encounter our changing fates. Check out more of the artist's work at