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A character standing in a grass field with big clouds in the background. The character is happy and relieved and shows a calm expression.

In the Closet

Trey Pritchard

Digital animation, 2022

In the Closet is an animated short film that dives into the internal struggle of coming out of the closet by focusing on the mental hurdles of finding social and self-acceptance. It may seem like something simple, but when you try taking those steps, something always gets in the way making it more difficult. I wanted to highlight that within this project. The film is a personal narrative that focuses on my own memories/experiences when trying to come out. My intent with creating this film was to create something others in the community can relate to on a personal level, along with showing others not a part of the community the dilemma we face. I’ve always had a passion for animation. The idea for this project has been in development ever since my senior year of high school. With cartoons over the past couple of years taking huge steps in showcasing LGBTQ+ representation within their own shows, such as Steven Universe with it’s heartfelt and dream-like aesthetic, it really inspired me to create something of my own and share my own experiences so that I could inspire others just like the artists I looked up to did to me.