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Studio cubicle, three larger canvas's at 36"x 36", 36"x 48", and 48"x 4*". Three smaller canvas's at 7.5" x11".

Casual Crevice

Kendra Eaton

Mixed Media, 2022

Casual Crevice is a collection of 3D mixed-media appendage paintings that humorously simulates the internal workings of the body in order to promote a visceral reaction in the viewer. My work is an example of abject art in that it seeks to provoke a range of visceral and reflective reactions to bodily references—parts, fluids, functions—while challenging their social acceptability. Using topographical forms, and funneling material through acrylic tubing methods of each piece curates a sense of “aliveness” to the viewer. My deep engagement with making this work created my own visceral experience while creating textures and feels, under a process of layering, using wire, a solidified mixture of fake blood and liquid latex. The appendages are formed to depict the details of the body's internal and external crevices. I utilized other materials to execute each piece, including oil paint, acrylic paint, trash bags, hair, rubber bands, spray paint, plaster strips, clay, play-doh, acrylic teeth, recycled packaging, and spit. Kendra Eaton is a multimedia artist, and researcher working in printmaking, painting, illustration, and global studies. With a growing interest in sculpture, medical illustration, comics, and current affairs, their work often explores humorous depictions of grotesque objects and forms.