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There are two identical frames against two white walls facing each other. They are both hanging at eye height, a foot away from where the walls meet in the corner. the frames are filled with 3D, hot pink, amorphsc shapes, bursting out of the frames. The shapes are covered with vibrant, multicolored yarns and knits, of various thicknesses. .

Taking Up Space

Hana Agolli

Yarn, fabric, polyfill, wood frame 30x20”, 2022

In Taking Up Space, I explore the fat female body through an exuberant abstraction of the bodily form using the traditionally feminine practice of fiber art. My vibrant and unapologetic color palette references the racial roots of fatphobia. In my research, I learned of the fetishization and demonization of large black women. Western society is obsessed with the thin, white body as the feminine ideal. By creating enigmatic, colorful forms bursting from white frames, I expose the tension we feel in our own bodies when they do not conform to society’s standards.