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Sound Overload

Ulrik Frikke-Schmidt

Ceramic Sculpture, water, Digital Audio, ink on A4 Letter paper, 2022

My project is a series of ceramic sculptures that when combined forms a structure which works to amplify the sound of the water being poured in alongside two quiet speakers which present conflicting narrative information to replicate the auditory experience of Misophonia. Misophonia is a condition which can set off an extreme panicked rage response when presented with specific “trigger” sounds. It’s an imbalance of how different senses perceive specific stimulation and my project aims to emulate that sensory imbalance and form an imprint on the mind of my audience. As a ceramic artist and digital illustrator, I’m particularly fond of sculptural ceramic work due to its handcrafted and often unpredictable quality. I utilized ceramic material for its construction, with the glazes fired at cone 6 providing an extra pitch to the sounds produced.