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On back wall a life-size hanging photograph depicting a decayed corpse of deer on ground in parallel to nude female laying in near fetal position. Other wall cover in all-capital writing from performance experience in bold black letters.

Empire of Dirt

Liza Crisanti

Photography, 2022

Liza Crisanti projects all of humanity’s constant struggle with mortality and the doubts of our daily lives through one photo. The life-size photo of her laying with a decomposing deer has a juxtaposing narrative that speaks to different viewers depending on the persons' relationship with death. As she lays, breathing and full of life, next to a decaying corpse of a deer, she gives the dead animal a sense of humanity not felt before, yet she also makes it gravelly clear how death goes about its job. The photo is a poor reproduction of the performance but in this sense the closest we can get to the relationship she has had with this deer after laying with it for 6 plus hours. We may never be able to fully immerse ourselves in the experience she went through with this deer, but we may not be meant.