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Nahee Kang

Painting and Embroidery on Canvas, 2022

"This-order" is a series of mixed media paintings, all conjugated from a rectilinear geometric pattern using different colors and mediums including masking tape, acrylic painting, and embroidery floss. All of the paintings are made by hand through a labor-intensive process of continuing drawing lines and repeating embroidering stripes. The viewers can identify each and every trace because the process is visually apparent through the final form. The exhibition offers an overwhelming experience of being completely immersed in the patterns. The background pattern starts from a connecting wall that gradually leads into the cubicle, and the ongoing pattern merges into the canvas paintings. A second part of this-order is a set of tiles that, as a whole, forms a bigger pattern. One of the walls offers viewers the chance to assemble and create their own patterns(art) with the tiles. The experience of "This-order" will convince those who aren’t interested in (or even devalue) art to change their thoughts. By not only consuming art with their eyes but also by being engaged with it, art will feel more accessible and relatable to them.