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Wide shot of hanging quilts and mannequin in foreground. Distorted text can be found written on mannequin and back wall.

Quilts for Nudists

Keara Walsh

Textile Quilts, 2022

This is a direct call to action. Yes, I am talking to you. Quilts for Nudists tackles reformation and education of the damaging effects of fast fashion production within our society. Fast fashion, a methodology of clothing production and exploitative business tactic, prioritizes producing clothes as quickly and cheaply as possible to stay on par with latest trends and social media pressures. Through salvaging scrap and donated fabric into twin-sized expository quilts, I criticize how the popularity of fast fashion production has progressed over time, influencing an excess of consumptive greed, capitalism, and environmental damage. A manifesto can be found throughout the space: both stitched atop the repurposed quilts and along the walls, serving as an educational aid and commentary on our obsessive consumption habits. I ask you, the audience, to question the scale of your own actions as an American Consumer. As consumers, we have the power to change the trajectory of the market! Increasing awareness and gaining supporters of slow fashion will be the only triumph of overthrowing fast fashion business strategies for the betterment of our societies’ future livability on Earth.