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Three walls covered in oil paintings and pictures of various memes and obscure references. The pictures and paintings wrap around the room. They are scattered in a busy, collage-like fashion.

Transition Effects

Alena Duykers

Mixed Media, 2022

Transition Effects is a space in which I allowed myself to play, reflect, and express myself through painting and decorating my studio walls. Nothing is as it seems; my own connotations and stories create a highly personal work that perhaps only I can truly understand. Nevertheless, here’s a chance for you to spend a few minutes walking around in my head as it is at this point in my life. Originally meant as an exploration of how digital spaces frame transness and influence cis perceptions, I eventually realized that a personal narrative began growing out of the foundations of the project. As a trans woman, I’ve obviously changed a lot during my years of transitioning, yet these changes are far beyond physical appearance. I feel wiser in countless aspects compared to my past self. I’m fundamentally happier. I take on life’s struggles with a vigor I never before dreamt of. This space reflects my growth and changing mindset as I’ve transitioned both inside and out.