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Kenzie Hill

Mixed Media, 2022


Ours/Mine/Theirs explores my relationship with my childhood home, which served as the container that encapsulated most of my life; through school, family gatherings, and changing friendships, I always had that space to rely on. Despite my growing separation from that house, it’s still the first place that comes to mind when I think of home. Using found objects and mixed materials, I froze my recollections of spaces from this home in miniature form. These handcrafted keepsakes capture my past interactions with the physical spaces they represent. Each box depicts one room, fragmenting the spatial plane within a hinged container. The framed photographs of current elements of my parents’ house create a dialogue between memories of the past and present.

I am a multi-media artist working with an emphasis on combining elements of sculpture, painting, textiles, and collage. This range of material explorations relates to my interest in themes of memory and identity within my endless attempts to capture ephemeral experiences.