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Olivia Graham


Between staring at a screen for six hours a day while working from home and the increasing draw of social media, I found the time I spent on my phone skyrocketing. My mind is everywhere but my current physical space. Since the 2020 pandemic, virtual communication has become default. I asked myself, what if we rejected this as default by creating different rituals? This led me to board games, an activity that demands attention away from the screen, brings people to a table, and gives people a reason to come together again. As we enter a deeper screen-reliant culture, my project aims to address a growing desire for entertainment that prompts mindfulness and face-to-face interaction. This board game uses natural materials and an outdoor camp theme to allow players to feel more deeply connected to nature and explore interaction beyond digital entertainment such as video games, social media, and television. The modular game board changes the game play every time allowing players to seek new adventures every game. Using vibrant colors and familiar motifs, the game engages players by bringing them into the wilderness in a new way.