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The image depicts a front view of the designers gallery space. Chain link fencing is mounted on the back wall along with mock barbed wire around the top of the cubicle space. On this wall are four posters with images and information on Michigan prisoner incarcerated for cannabis related crimes. To the left of the back wall is a large infographic displaying information on the history of Michigan's cannabis laws. In the right corner is a mock city post with "Free Rudi Gammo" posters plastered on it. On the right wall is vinyl graphics and text providing information about the project.

Joint Resolution

Caroline White

Graphic Design, 2022

Joint Resolution Is a series of posters along with a public outreach campaign that publicizes the massive disparities in Michigan’s cannabis industry. While some individuals are currently languishing in prison cells from cannabis convictions, others are building intergenerational wealth from the legal industry. Through my research, I have found that there is a need for this information to be visually communicated in a compelling manner in order to attract public attention. I have partnered with the Michigan Cannabis Freedom Coalition, a diverse group of organizations, advocates and businesses, to identify specific individual’s stories that need to be shared to the public. A large portion of this project focuses on Rudi Gammo. Rudi Gammo, a husband and father of three, was sentenced to five and a half years in prison for operating a city-sanctioned medical marijuana dispensary in Detroit. Rudi’s case urgently needs recognition and public support as Rudi’s advocates pressure Governor Whitmer to grant him executive commutation. Joint Resolution should be of great interest to any consumer of the legal cannabis industry and to advocates for social justice. This project does not stay between these three walls. I will continue to design visual campaigns for the Michigan Cannabis Freedom Coalition. You too can support this campaign! Visit the QR code posted in my gallery for more info on how you can support those who have been harmed by the criminalization of cannabis.