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Flora Artificialis

Bailey Yonkman

Mixed Media / Installation, 2022

Are we uncomfortable with the natural flow of life, instead ignorantly celebrating the eternal? Are we taking away the meaning and beauty of nature? Flora Artificialis is an installation of framed compositions including artificial and real plants. The series creates a space where the dualities of artificial (eternal) and real (natural) intersect with people in the middle. This series was inspired by my interest in conscious consumption, and nature’s impact within my life. Initially, the project focused on celebrating the outdoors’ beauty through landfill reduction by sourcing materials second-hand (i.e the fake plants, frames & mirrors). However, as I worked, I began to question the intentions behind creating artificial flora. Humans bring nature into our spaces to feel more connected to it, yet in doing so through artificial reproduction, we actually create a larger disconnect. The installation brings light to the irony of the materials as they never die, unlike true nature where death is also the beauty of life. I am an artist with a concentration in graphic design, illustration, and environmental studies. My inspirations for creating derive from our earthly experience and the beauty we encounter within our environments.