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Printed copies of final graphic novel.

What Flows Through Us

Lauren Trail

Graphic Novel, 2022

Despite their size, the Great Lakes are vulnerable, just like us as humans. What Flows Through Us is a graphic novel memoir that follows a girl as she visits Lake Michigan and the Indiana Dunes with her family. The novel draws parallels between her story and the history of fresh water along the Indiana coast of Lake Michigan. The story utilizes place and memory to reflect, educate, and empower us to enact positive change within our own environments. This work asks us to unpack our own relationships with water and consider how interwoven our lives are with the water that flows through our landscapes and bodies. Lauren Trail is a writer and illustrator from the Chicagoland area who grew up swimming in Lake Michigan. She combines her passions for art, writing, and the environment to inform and enlighten people to create change within their own communities.