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An 8.5 x 5.5 inch book sits on a book stand on top of three copies of the same book, all on a white shelf. The book cover shows a black teenage child floating in a blue mist centered on a dark background. The title is in mono-weight white handwritten text at the top, and the creator's name in the same text is across the bottom.

The Wandering Path

Lia New

Graphic Novel, 2022

The Wandering Path is a graphic novel that is informed by the need for diverse narratives in children’s media. The comic tells the story of three Black adolescents having an outdoor adventure; and explores themes of how finding joy in who you are and companionship with others is all a part of growing up. I envision this work as part of a longer comic series aimed at middle school readers. This iteration is both a short comic and concept art to set the intentions of the story. Drawing on research in child development and racial socialization, I create a narrative that engages with adolescents on topics related to identity. While also contributing to the growing number of narratives that focus on the experiences of marginalized people beyond prejudice and oppression. I’m an illustrator and storyteller making work about embracing identity. I use my experiences as a Black Queer person to influence the narratives I create. My illustration process references styles enjoyed by all ages to facilitate joy and learning.