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A cartoonish creature dressed in pink, jester-like clothes is in the middle of the screen. She has a child-friendly appearance that popular mascot characters would have such as Mickey Mouse. She is smiling as she looks slightly to the left, listening to a person that is not shown within this particular scene.Her arm is bent slightly, as if she was in the middle of reaching something with her white, mittened hand above her head and out of frame towards the top right of the screen. The background of the image is a yellow, monochromatic painting that shows the top left half of a fridge on the right side of the frame. There is a blurry filter over the image that makes it appear as if is it was recorded on an old VHS tape.

Learning Life Skills with Mitzy the Clown

Abigail Zotter

Digital Animation, 2022

Learning Life Skills with Mitzy the Clown is a parody of an educational children’s cartoon with an unsettling twist. In these three episodes, Mitzy experiences a mental decline as she experiences wrongful mistreatment from the Narrator of her daily life. I envision this work as a selected group of episodes from a much larger series that follows the life of Mitzy the Clown. By mimicking the appearance of cartoons on VHS from the 1980s, these episodes create a sense of nostalgia for childhood memories of other beloved cartoons. This approach to my work brings that feeling forward, but the uncomfortable subject matter taints those happy memories. The nature of my work represents the complex experiences of my childhood. I have struggled with depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember. It felt strange to be so young but have such grown-up emotions. Because of my experience, I developed an interest in the mixture of cuteness and horror that reflects this strange, conflicting feeling. I have always wanted to be an artist ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil in my hand. While my primary interest is animation, I will create anything that brings me joy.